You will never have to give out your real phone number ever again and block callers at anytime. Have your very own number to give out that connects to any phone you have. We give you a phone number and extension that you can give to who ever you want. Make as many extensions as you want (like a different extension for each person). When the person calls the number and then the extension, the call is sent to your phone. You can disconnect any extension that you have at any time when you want to stop that person from calling you again. The best part is that the person that is calling you, is the person that pays for the call. You pay nothing.

Pick from a list of world wide phone numbers that you can use. The phone number can be redirected to any phone that you have (including the FREE PHONE NUMBER & CALL BLOCKER). There is just a monthly fee and no per-minute charges. So if you have a friend or relative in Russia (or any other country), you can get a phone number that belongs to Russia and let them talk to you as long as you want for one low monthly fee.
* There are no per-minute charges for calls to US/Canada. Calls to other countries might incur a per-minute charge
* Calls from all countries do not have a per-minute charge, just where the call is to, if outside the US/Canada.


Protect your privacy by not showing your real name & number on the call display of the person you are calling. When they look to see who's calling you can show any name & phone number you wish on their call display.

This service allows you to display any name & phone number on the called party's caller ID. Simply call the Hide My Phone system, enter the number you want to call and your call is connected. © 2009